Giving the Gift of Art to our Community

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Summer Art Classes

These classes are packed full of fun and learning for students. Please visit web site for more information about schedule and fee.


Impressionism, Post Impressionism, Neo-Impressionism, Fauvism -  a variety of artists will be presented, unique daily projects and various mediums 


Expressionism, Cubism, DeStijl, Abstract series - Example of project - introduce a husband and wife Robert and Sonia Dulaunay. Sonia was a textile artist and the project will include taking the "orphism style" and conveying that onto a 13" x 15" canvas bag the students create and take home.


I Love to Draw Level 1 & 2 - this class is geared towards kids aged 6-18. The class is jam packed with learning and fun spread over a four-day course.


Modern - contemporary series artists will be introduced to various art forms post WWII such as; M.C. Escher and tessellations, Chuck Close - and a game with the whole class using a piece of art, a demonstration with a computer drawing tablet. 


Lines and Patterns - class the students will explore Zentangle mixed media portraits, use their thumb print for a project, dense text lettering, and a final mixed media project with pens, watercolors, and templates. 


Paper Fun - includes projects using recycled materials, collage, creating textured paper and using in a master piece. 


Paint skins - students explore using a variation of acrylic paint to create assorted projects.





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