Are you a local artist, or a  interested community member  in learning on how to organize, navigate murals  in the city of Portland? Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) Presenters include Gage Hamilton, an organizer of Forest for the Trees Northwest—a public art mural project that brought twenty artists together in August to paint murals—and Robin Corbo, a local artist known for her skill at organizing and creating community murals. Peggy Kendellen, Manager of RACC’s Public Art Murals Program, and Doug Strickler from the City’s Bureau of Development  Services will also be on hand to help participants navigate the two options available for creating an exterior mural on a wall in Portland.

Come on down to The Rosewood Initiative  for a FREE mural workshop on Saturday, November 8th, 2014 from 10 am - 12 noon ! The Rosewood Initiative is located on 16126 SE Stark Street, Portland OR, 97233. Take advantage of the great opportunity. Local artist, property owners, business owners, and community members are all welcome!


Third Thursday Studios

February 19, 2015

Will Hornyak


a well-told story changes the nature of time . . .

Will draws the listener into a shared creative process. Stories and storytelling can help weave individuals together into communities, foster understanding and healing. In an age of nano-seconds and information overload, stories can artfully engage the imaginations as well as the emotions and intellects of a listener. Storyteller Will Hornyak weaves together a wide web of stories and insights into entertaining, informative and highly engaging performance. During his presentation he will share a variety of stories and discuss methods for developing a storytelling approach in communication. “Storyteller par excellence…boundless wit, endless imagination.” The Oregonian. Will is an advocate for storytelling as a “change agent” for individuals and communities and has provided keynotes and workshops for a wide variety of civic and corporate organizations. www.willhornyak.net


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